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Why do I need an ERCP?

You have been referred for an ERCP to deliver treatment to treat conditions that affect your bile ducts. These conditions can cause abdominal pain, sepsis, jaundice, and/or pancreatitis. Usually a scan has been performed (ultrasound, CT or MRI). Typical conditions requiring an ERCP to deliver treatment:


• A retained or recently passed gallstone in the common bile duct (CBD). Requiring a cut to the opening of the bile duct (sphincterotomy), removal of stone, and/or a plastic stent insertion (a tube to keep open the bile duct).

• A narrowing of the bile duct caused by cancer, or a benign cause such as inflammation or scar tissue. Requiring insertion of a plastic or metal stent.

• A change of stent due to potential or actual blockage.

• A removal of a stent that is no longer required.

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