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What is an endoscope?

The endoscope is a long, narrow, flexible tube that is about the diameter of your finger. The end of the endoscope has a camera and light attached to it, which allows the specialist performing the procedure to look at the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. The images taken by the camera are visible on a video screen.

Endoscope Special Features

The endoscope has a number of special features which make it especially suited to its function and importantly enable the specialist to enhance its functionality should that be necessary:

·The scope can bend – this allows it to be easily moved around the curves gastrointestinal tract.

·The scope can blow air into gastrointestinal tract – this allows the specialist to have better visualisation.

·The scope has a channel to allow small instruments to pass down its core – most commonly biopsy forceps to take tissue samples.

The endoscopy suite

The endoscopy suite is the room in which you have your procedure performed. There are naturally variations in how the room will be set up, but here is an example of how the room will look.

In the room there will be a number of nurses who are there to both help and support you as well as the endoscopist. The endoscopist is a specially trained nurse or doctor who can perform an endoscopic procedure.

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