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Tips To Make Bowel Preparation Easier

Here are a few hints and tips to make taking bowel preparation an easier experience.


  1. ICE – chill the bowel preparation. DO NOT put ice in the liquid itself

  2. FLAVOUR – add flavour with lemon juice, slices of lemon or flavour enhancers such as fruit cordial.

  3. STRAWS – use a straw to drink the bowel cleansing liquid

  4. MINTS – sucking on mints whilst you drink the bowel preparation improves the taste

  5. SWEETS – for hunger pangs, you can have honey, hard sweets, jelly, ice lollies and sorbet

  6. WIPES AND VASELINE – use these to prevent discomfort

  7. FLUIDS – keep yourself hydrated with a variety of clear liquids

  8. ENTERTAINMENT – watch a film or read a book to help pass the time

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